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Taking care of the world around you

We can help you adjust your home, workplace and leisure environments so that you feel comfortable and in control of the world around you.

The world around you

Having balance in the world around you is vital. Our environment plays a big part in our lives – from the global environment to our personal surroundings. When we’re surrounded by things that make us feel comfortable, we feel happier. But sometimes the world around you doesn’t feel comfortable and we feel out of control.

How we can help you

We can help you adjust your home, workplace and leisure environments so that they work as well as they can for you and those you care for most. Your home should be your safe haven – your place to relax but if life changes you may need to change your home too. Sometimes it is a struggle to balance work and home commitments, get to enjoy your hobbies or pursue volunteering opportunities either because of constraints in your environment such as stairs or because of the attitudes of people around us. We don’t always feel like we have control. At Foothold we want to help you take control and help you feel more positive about the world around you.


If you or your partner is an engineer with less that £50,000 in savings we can help make your home more accessible. If you or your partner has ever been an IET member we can help with work support.

Get in touch with us to talk about how, together, we can help me the world around you a more comfortable place to be in.

Ways we can help you...

Disability and care grants

  • Equipment and mobility aids
  • House adaptations
  • Respite breaks
Visit disability and care grants

Work life

  • Finding it hard to balance work and home life
  • Feel a change of job will help you take control of your life
  • You need to relocate
Visit work life

Support for people living with autism

  • Advice on diagnosis
  • Finding support in your local area
  • Navigating the education system
Visit autism support

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