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Policy on Comments, Compliments & Complaints

Our Policy on Comments, Compliments & Complaints

Table of Contents

  1. Why we have this policy
  2. Who is this policy for?
  3. What happens if you do not follow this policy?
  4. Foothold policy
  5. Queries and comments

1. Why we have this policy

This policy will ensure that:

1.1. Staff and volunteers are aware of how our community can provide feedback, including complaints;
1.2. The complaints procedure allows anyone to lodge a complaint;
1.3. Complaints are dealt with consistently, fairly and sensitively within appropriate timescales;
1.4. Compliments, comments and complaints are monitored and used to improve Foothold services.

2. Who is this policy for?

2.1. All staff and volunteers.

3. What happens if you do not follow this policy?

3.1 If members of staff do not follow this complaints policy, the risk is that:

  • a complainant feels that they have not been adequately listened to and elevates their matter to the Charity Commission or Fundraising regulator;
  • Foothold’s reputation becomes damaged;
  • we fail to learn from feedback and do not grow as an organisation;

3.2 Breach of this policy may result in:

  • disciplinary action being taken under the Disciplinary Policy.
  • reputational damage leading to reduction in income and requests for support
  • regulatory censure and fines

4. Foothold policy

4.1 We welcome feedback on all aspects of our services so we can maintain provision of high-quality service to the Foothold community and stakeholders. Compliments, comments and complaints are important in identifying what we are doing well and ways in which we can improve the quality of our services and provide useful information about how individuals see our services.

4.2 We will

  • listen carefully to all comments, compliments and complaints;
  • record, store and manage all comments, compliments and complaints accurately and in accordance with the GDPR regulations, using the activities section of Beacon CRM
  • investigate complaints thoroughly and objectively, within the specified timescale;
  • inform the complainant of the results of the investigation, including lessons learned, actions taken to minimise the likelihood of the issue’s reoccurrence, and right of appeal;
  • report to the Board through the CEO on the number of compliments, comments and complaints received, the outcome of investigations, and lessons learned

5. How you can give feedback
If you'd like to share a comment, compliment or complaint with us, please submit your feedback via the form on this page.