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Leave a lasting legacy

Leaving a gift in your Will to Foothold can be a fantastic way to leave a lasting legacy for future generations of engineers and their families.

Having an up to date will is important for you and your family, to ensure your wishes are met. But did you know that gifts in wills play a key role in funding Foothold services?

Download our free guide to making a will and remembering your favourite charities.

Every gift left to Foothold in a will, however large or small will make a real difference.

Types of gifts in Wills

There are three main ways you can choose to leave a gift to charity in your Will;

A share of the remainder of your assets. This is a popular choice because it takes care of loved ones first. For example, a % of your estate once friends and family are taken care of (often called a residuary legacy).

A specified lump sum, for example, £100 or £1,000 or £10,000 (often called a pecuniary legacy)

Specific items, for example, you may choose to leave jewellery, shares or antiques.

How to include Foothold in your Will

It’s a common myth that only rich or famous people can leave a legacy; in fact, anyone can leave a gift in their Will.

If you already have a Will you can make an addendum called a ‘Codicil’. Talk to your Will writing professional who will be able to arrange this for you.

If you do not have a Will we may be able to help you access our free will writing scheme. (Places are limited)

You will need to include our formal registered charity details;
Foothold, The Institution of Engineering & Technology Benevolent Fund, registered charity 208925, of Napier House, 24 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6AZ.

Keeping in touch

If you choose to include a gift in your Will to Foothold, please do let us know. We would love to say thank you and keep you up to date with how gifts in Wills are helping us help the engineering community.

To discuss leaving a gift in your will to Foothold, please email [email protected]

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