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Life isn’t all smooth sailing

We all face challenges in life, big or small, but you don’t have to face those challenges without support. So, how can we help you?


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Alan overcoming illness
The financial support has alleviated so many problems for us. I can’t express how much it helped - it’s enabled us to live a life. Alan Monelle View story Read quote by Alan Monelle
sharon becoming a carer
The way we have dealt with the last 12 months is with a positive attitude, laughter and not being afraid to ask for help. Sharon Monelle View story Read quote by Sharon Monelle
“What I did realise going through all of this, was that it wasn’t the academic side of my course I was struggling with. It was the other skills I needed to be able to pass my degree – time management, self-organisation, memory, focus. The ‘life skills’ that aren’t really focused on when you’re studying – but which can make the difference between succeeding or failing.” View story Read How our Engineering Neurodiverse Futures programme is supporting students to reach their full potential
A photograph of Stuart. Stuart is looking towards the camera and smiling outside in front of a building, against a bright blue sky.
“I think differently, my reactions are different, my ‘cause and effect’ is not the same as others’ – and that’s ok. I’m becoming increasingly comfortable with who I am, and the diagnosis is helping me understand my strengths and explain some of the challenges I’ve faced in my life.” View story Read Stuart’s story of living with autism spectrum disorder and getting a diagnosis
A branded blog header graphic that reads: 'Martin Griffin, engineer and neurodiversity advocate', with a picture of Martin smiling

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Neurodivergent engineer Martin shares his some top tips to help leaders empower neurodiverse colleagues to thrive at work.

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Sam shares her experience with Access To Work and how it can help other engineers with neurodiversity.

“Making a meaningful and enduring difference” – your impact in 2022-23

Our CEO Jane shares her thoughts on how your support helped us make a real difference for engineers and their families around the world.