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Legal support

There are many reasons why you might need legal support. But you might be feeling anxious or confused about how it will impact you, or maybe you don't know where to start. We're here to help simplify the process, so you can get the support and advice you need, when you need it.

Legal advice for every aspect of life

You never know when you might need expert legal advice and support to help solve challenges you may be facing. Some people may need help with family issues, whereas others might need advice on their finances.

Some of the most common areas where you might need legal support include:

legal advice


You might have:

  • A landlord who is unfairly threatening you with eviction
  • Disruptive tenants who won't move out
  • Noisy or aggressive neighbours who are potentially putting your family at risk
  • An uncooperative landlord who won't honour their obligations
  • Unsafe accommodation that's affecting you and your family's health


You might have:

  • Debts you're struggling to clear
  • A recent bereavement and you need advice on issues like wills, probate and inheritance
  • A large tax bill you're not sure why you received or how to pay


You might be:

  • About to separate or file for divorce
  • Trying to work out a custody arrangement for your children
  • In an abusive situation which you don't know how to remove yourself from. You may also be unsure of any legal considerations you need to be aware of if you do leave


You might need:

  • Advice on your options for flexible working or working from home
  • Support on safeguarding your basic employment rights, such as the terms and conditions of your employment, notice period or sick pay
  • Advice on instances of discrimination, harassment or wrongful or unfair dismissal


You might need:

  • Support to help you make a personal injury claim, if you've sustained an injury that's affecting your health - perhaps in a traffic accident, at work, or as a result of a medical procedure

How we can support you

Through our partnership with Law Express, we can put you in contact with experienced legal advisors so you can get expert advice on whatever legal challenges you're going through. If you or your partner is a current or former IET member with less than £16,000 in savings, apply for support today.


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