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Foothold Wellbeing Hub

Living well looks different for everyone.

We live in different time zones, have different interests, and face different challenges. As part of our expanding digital support, we want to give everyone in our community a way to improve their life in a way that suits them. In collaboration with Gattaca PLC, we're bringing you Foothold Wellbeing Hub - free, readily available expertise to help you live better. Sign up today.

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Mental health support

Financial support

Lifestyle support

Covid-19 support

Expert advice

  • From mental health challenges to coping with the rising cost of living, the hub is designed to support you in a way that works best for you. The short ‘bitesize’ sessions contain the latest quick tips on everything from emotional health to addiction, work issues and more. 
  • If you have more time, why not dive into a ‘find out more’ session? These are perfect if you want to find out the latest science-backed facts about any aspect of your wellbeing and learn how to address a specific problem.
wellbeing at home

Clinically approved

  • All the on-demand support in your wellbeing hub is clinically validated and designed by experts. The latest information on different health and wellbeing topics will now be yours.
  • Get the skills and knowledge to create positive long-term changes. So, whether you whizz through a 10-minute checklist on improving your sleep or work through a longer course to reduce your stress levels, it all counts.

COVID-19 support

  • The pandemic has been a challenge for most of us in every way. From practical problems and adapting to a new way of life to mental health challenges and coping with trauma and loss. 
  • The hub will support you with the latest advice on everything from becoming more resilient and coping with financial pressures, to preventing burnout and more. Whether you have five minutes or an hour, you'll see a benefit.



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michaels mental health story
I'd let my mental health define me. But now I’m in control of it - it’s not in control of me. If I hadn’t got in touch with Foothold I wouldn’t be in this position. I really do appreciate everything. View story Read Michael’s story of his mental health journey

Your Foothold Wellbeing Hub was made possible by the generous fundraising of Gattaca plc. To find out how your workplace could help us support engineers and their families worldwide, click here.

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IET no longer collecting donations for Foothold with membership renewals

Learn about important changes between Foothold and the IET, and find out how you can #DonateDirect to help us support engineers in need.

Opening up new opportunities for the engineering community with the launch of our Engineering Neurodiverse Futures programme

Our new support programme is designed to empower neurodiverse engineering professionals, students and apprentices to achieve their full potential.


1000 engineers access Foothold’s Wellbeing Hub in year since launch

The hub, funded through a collaboration with Gattaca PLC, offers clinically approved resources and guidance for engineers and their families.