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Work life support

Work is a big part of our lives – it’s important that we feel stable and supported in our work life. Whether you’re out of work, facing redundancy or unhappy in your job, Foothold is here to help.

Work is a big part of life

In 2018, a survey conducted by Association of Accounting Technicians showed that the average Briton will spend 3,507 days at work in their lifetime. International figures vary, of course, but no matter where in the world we live it’s safe to say that work represents a big chunk of our adult lives. Which makes it really important that we get the most out of work and that we receive help with any issues that come up, including finding a job. At Foothold we know we can’t be experts in every field, but we can partner with people who are. And that’s what we’ve done to offer existing and former IET members worklife support.

Facing redundancy?

Work is one of our main sources of stability and if you find that you’re about to be made redundant - we can help. Through our partnerships with Renovo and Chiumento – who specialise in supporting career transitions – we can help make redundancy a more positive experience to find your next role. Redundancy affects many areas - that's why it's important to get the right worklife support. Talk to us about how we can help you with your job, your finances and your wellbeing. 

Career coaching

Whether you’ve been out of work for a short or long period of time, whether it was your choice or not, career coaching can give you a kick start. Our partnerships with Chuimento and Renovo will give you access to career coaching and other worklife support. Working with the same coach, you remotely receive career advice tailored to your situation. Your coach will incorporate practical things like looking at your CV and updating your LinkedIn profile. They’ll also help you analyse the bigger picture – where you are the moment and where it is you want to be.

Our programmes can also include access to an online portal with resources ranging from interview training, skills testing and courses to up your IT skills to career assessments, online workshops and a job search engine. There is also 24/7 wellbeing support and access to counsellors, for the times when the psychological toll that being out of work can take means you need someone to talk to.

Short-term unemployment support

There are also options for community members who are short-term unemployed and covers nine hours of one-on-one career coaching and access to online support such as webinars – over a 12-month period. And we offer a one-year programme for community members who have been out of work for longer, focusing not just on career coaching but also on the drive to find a new job, as motivation can start to drop after a long stint of not working.

Not happy at work?

You don’t have to be out of work to get career support from us – if  you are employed but am not happy where you are, we can help. The one-year programme looks at what might be preventing you from moving on and incorporates help with your CV and LinkedIn profile, six hours of career coaching, and more. We can also help with resilience training for when you’ve been out of work for a while. We want you to feel more fulfilled after some worklife support. 

Whether you’re unemployed, facing redundancy or employed but unhappy at work – you have options. Together, we’ll figure out what they are. Get in touch with us today and together we'll face the challenge.

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Work life support

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