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Care and disability grants

Being comfortable in your own home is incredibly important, especially if you’re dealing with an illness, long-term condition or disability. Our care and disability grants could help. 

Practical solutions for care and disability needs

If you or someone in your family has care needs, adjustments could be made to your home to make life easier. Our care and disability grants can be used for home adaptions, as well as equipment and technology. 

But if there doesn’t seem to be a piece of equipment you can buy off the shelf, we have a partnership with Remap who can adapt an off-the-shelf product or invent something entirely unique just for you.

Care and disability grants for social activities

And if you’re a carer, we want to support you too. We know that carers shoulder a huge responsibility. If you’re looking after someone else every day, there are times when you need to rest. We can pay for you to have some time away. This could be a social activity you love or just time to take it easy and recover.

Our care and disability grants could pay for another carer to come in while you’re away. Or we could pay for the person you’re looking after to stay in a care home until you’re back. And if you’re the person with care needs, we can help fund activities you enjoy. We know that socially inclusive lifestyle is important for physical and mental wellbeing.


Care needs can be challenging, but they shouldn’t feel unmanageable, and at Foothold, we can help you make sure they don’t. If you or your partner have ever been a member of the IET, you may be eligible for financial support if you meet our savings and eligibility criteria.

richard living with disability story
This support has given me a life a fulfilled life I would never, ever have otherwise. We all have our down days because that's life, but they're few and far between.  I’m phenomenally fortunate and Foothold has been a huge part of that. It's been life-changing, really. View story Read Richard’s story of living with a disability


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