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David’s story: finding his feet during the cost of living crisis

Find out how we supported David and his family to adjust back to life in the UK during the cost of living crisis…

I don’t know what my family would have done without Foothold’s support. It is so much more than money. It’s knowing that they’ll always be there for you.

Hi, my name’s David.

I’m an engineer, specialising in nanotechnology. I’m passionate about my work and dream about creating technology that will change people’s lives for the better.

I studied in the UK, spending time in Newcastle for my Masters degree in electrical engineering and later in Durham for my PhD in electronic engineering with a focus on Microsystems Technology.

David Etor

We returned to Nigeria, however, my career options as a micro and nanofabrication engineer were limited. I found myself unable to use my skills, my talents, and help people in the way that I imagined. Working as a lecturer, I also faced extended periods without pay due to persistent strike action.

I wanted to create a better life for my family. And I wanted to fulfil my ambitions as an engineer.

My wife and I decided to move back to the UK earlier this year, a country we love. We love the people, we love the culture and we couldn’t wait to return to Durham with our son. But we struggled much more than I anticipated. It was a shock to discover how much everything had increased in price. Our energy bills were so high!

Although my career prospects in the UK are so much better, it can be a long recruitment process, and I didn’t find a role straight away.

I know it was the right decision to leave Nigeria. Yet I found myself unable to provide for my family.

Although it was hard to do, we initially reached out to friends to ask for their help. They were very happy to support us but it wasn’t sustainable. It was then that I turned to Foothold.

It was so easy to apply for support. We were quickly allocated a caseworker, Rachel, who was wonderful. The grant from Foothold was truly lifesaving. It restored my dignity and allowed me to carry on. And to have hope for the future.

DAvid Etor in an engineering lab

Since then my wife, a health care assistant, has been fortunate to find a job. And, although my job search is still ongoing, I have some exciting opportunities on the horizon. I’m happy! We might not have everything but we have enough, thanks to Foothold.

It is truly an amazing charity. If you’re reading this, and you need help, I encourage you to get in touch. There is no need to be ashamed. Foothold is here for you.

If you’re struggling with your finances and you need someone to turn to, your Foothold is here. We’ll help you get back in control and access the support you need to thrive. Get in touch.


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