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imelda financial independence story

Imelda’s story of financial independence

Find out how we supported Imelda after her beloved husband died and she was struggling financially. 

I’m Imelda. I grew up in the Philippines and came to the UK in the 1980s with my husband Clifford who was an engineer. In April 2019, Clifford died of a massive stroke. It was the saddest day of my life. I lost the person that understood and loved me and I was shocked, lost and fearful of being alone. I couldn’t bear the pain I was feeling. That’s when Foothold stepped in and things began to change.

When Clifford died, every day of my life was full of anxiety. I was so worried about how I would manage financially.

I gave up work to care for Clifford five years before he died and spent our savings during that time. There were lots of questions spinning around in my mind about how I would manage, having almost nothing to live on until another unforgettable day came.

My stepdaughter and I were going through some of Clifford’s things and we came across his IET membership card.  My stepson, who is also an engineer, suggested I contact Foothold to see if they could help me. At first I was hesitant and had second thoughts — I felt that I was taking advantage. But I was struggling financially and also felt very alone. Left with no choice, I sent back the application form and hoped that Foothold would be able to help me.

Financial breathing space

Soon I received a letter from my caseworker. A letter that gave me hope and reminded me that I’m not alone in this struggle. It was very inspiring to know that there’s somebody there who will support and carry you in a time of great need.

Foothold’s financial support has made such a difference. The kindness and generosity inspired me to carry on. I’m so blissful and proud to be a family member of Foothold.

My life is much better now — I’ve moved house and started a part-time job as a carer.

I’m so grateful for the ongoing support that Foothold has given me. I know that they’re there not just to help me financially but also with my health and wellbeing. I can’t thank Foothold enough. The process was very simple and I didn’t feel uncomfortable in any way.  I now tell everyone I meet about Foothold and hope that by doing that other people will get the support they need.

If you’re struggling to make ends meet for any reason and could use some support, you’re not alone. Our team is ready to listen and help. Get in touch with us now. 


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