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Our guide to support for dyslexia

Many in the Foothold community live with this neurological difference. So we're making sure you know what support for dyslexia is available for you.

Around 10% of the world’s population live with dyslexia – a neurological difference that can affect reading and writing. It might be overwhelming to feel different but support for dyslexia is available.

What support for dyslexia can I or my child have?

At Foothold we're all about improving the wellbeing of the engineering community worldwide. That includes offering support for dyslexia. Some of the ways we can support you and your family today are:

  • providing specialist equipment to help with studying or work
  • grants so that you can get to a club or activity that helps you connect with the world
  • helpful content, created by Mamta Singhal, an engineer living with dyslexia

How do I know I have dyslexia?

Your doctor will be best placed to provide a diagnosis and tell you about the different kinds of support for dyslexia you can have at work or at school. No two people are the same and that applies to signs of dyslexia too. But the most common ones to look out for are:

  • difficulty with reading and/or writing
  • it’s hard to concentrate if there are distractions
  • confusion following several instructions at once
  • finding some tasks easy but being unexpectedly challenged by others

Click here for more signs of dyslexia in adults and children.

If you or your child may have a learning difference and you think we can do something to make things easier, click below to get in touch with us - we're here to support you.

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