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At Foothold, we want to be transparent and open with our community. That's why our team regularly share their experiences, thoughts and updates to keep you informed.

Foothold’s carer stories – Sue’s 18 years supporting an engineer

On this year's Carers Rights Day, Sue Mack writes about her experience of being a full-time carer and the difference our support can make.

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The importance of kindness

Andy Thornton, a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist, talks about what it means to be kind and how we can practice kindness every day.

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The importance of seeking help – Alan’s story

As part of the #KeepTalking campaign this November, engineer Alan talks about his cancer diagnosis and the importance of seeking help early.

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Embracing your emotions and looking after your mental health

As as part of this month's #KeepTalking campaign, Kennedy talks about his mental health journey and the importance of embracing his emotions.

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Make a will to support the people and organisations you care about

CEO Jane Petit talks about the importance of writing a will and ways it could help the people and charities you care about.

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Considering your favourite charities in your will

In this week's guest blog, legacy consultant Christine Reidy looks at why you might consider your favourite charity when writing your will.

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Time for bed – how I got myself into a better sleep routine

What’s keeping you up at night? Li-Anne explores some of the challenges she faced and how she conquered her sleepless nights.

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Making a Will – clearing up common myths

Jilly Sainsbury-Bow from Law Express clears up some of the most common myths around making a Will.

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Working from home – dyslexia, distance and distractions.

On this year’s Dyslexia Week we're featuring a guest blog from Mamta Singhal, a design engineer living with dyslexia.

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Your stories

sharon becoming a carer
The way we have dealt with the last 12 months is with a positive attitude, laughter and not being afraid to ask for help. Sharon Monelle View story
Alan overcoming illness
The financial support has alleviated so many problems for us. I can’t express how much it helped - it’s enabled us to live a life. Alan Monelle View story