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Your stories

Everyone goes through challenges, but you don’t have to face those challenges alone. See what a difference it makes to have some support from your Foothold community.

You're not alone

You might feel like you’re alone – but you’re not. Your Foothold community is here for you. See how we’ve supported other members of the community through their challenges.

Akin’s story of trying to make ends meet after losing his income

Read about how, with our support, Akin was able to get some control back after losing his income, and coming close to losing his home too.

A photograph of Mikaela. Mikaela has blonde hair, is wearing glasses and a red jumper, and is looking towards the camera.

Mikaela’s story of getting diagnosed with ADHD

Learn how we helped Mikaela get a diagnosis for ADHD

A photograph of Stuart. Stuart is looking towards the camera and smiling outside in front of a building, against a bright blue sky.

Stuart’s story of living with autism spectrum disorder and getting a diagnosis

Learn how we helped Stuart get a diagnosis for autism spectrum disorder

A close-up photograph of Brian, who is wearing glasses and looking towards the camera.

Brian’s story of getting diagnosed with severe dyslexia

Learn how Brian was diagnosed with severe dyslexia

Susan’s story of taking control of her mental health after being diagnosed with PTSD

Learn how we helped Susan get the therapy she needed to get her life back on track, after her mental health meant she could no longer work.

Lisa's Mum and Dad regained their independence with the help of Foothold

Lisa’s story of giving her parents back their independence

Find out how we supported Lisa to give her parents back their dignity and freedom when they started struggling to get around their home.

David’s story of regaining financial independence after losing his livelihood

Find out how we’ve supported David to cope financially after his business went all but bust.

Rebeca’s story of becoming a Foothold volunteer

Read Rebeca's journey of becoming a volunteer for Foothold

Networkers Iberia’s story of international fundraising

Find out how Rebeca’s employer, Gattaca, is encouraging its international teams to support the engineering community by raising funds for Foothold

A branded blog header graphic that reads: 'Martin Griffin, engineer and neurodiversity advocate', with a picture of Martin smiling

Neurodiversity at work: How leaders and managers can support neurodiverse staff to thrive

Neurodivergent engineer Martin shares his some top tips to help leaders empower neurodiverse colleagues to thrive at work.

Working with ADHD: Thriving with FREE Help from Access to Work

Sam shares her experience with Access To Work and how it can help other engineers with neurodiversity.

“Making a meaningful and enduring difference” – your impact in 2022-23

Our CEO Jane shares her thoughts on how your support helped us make a real difference for engineers and their families around the world.