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Your stories

Everyone goes through challenges, but you don’t have to face those challenges alone. See what a difference it makes to have some support from your Foothold community.

You're not alone

You might feel like you’re alone – but you’re not. Your Foothold community is here for you. See how we’ve supported other members of the community through their challenges.

Andrew story career coaching image

How career coaching helped Andrew after redundancy

Find out how we supported Andrew when he was made redundant and needed career coaching to get back into the job market. 

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maternity leave Yaels story

Yael’s story of getting support during maternity leave

Find out how we supported Yael and her family during maternity leave when she needed practical and financial help.

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Poobalan career story image

Poobalan’s story of restarting his career in the UK

Find out how we supported Poobalan and his family when he was made redundant during the coronavirus pandemic. 

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imelda financial independence story

Imelda’s story of financial independence

Find out how we supported Imelda after her beloved husband died and she was struggling financially. 

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Jon disability support story

Jon’s story of finding disability support for his son

Find out how we supported Jon when his son Ben needed new disability equipment to keep active and mobile. 

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emma autism support story

Emma’s story of getting autism support for her kids

Find out how we supported Emma and her family when she lost her income and two of her children were diagnosed with autism.

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michaels mental health story

Michael’s story of his mental health journey

Find out how we supported Michael when he began to struggle with his mental health and needed urgent treatment to get his life back on track.

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richard living with disability story

Richard’s story of living with a disability

Find out how we supported Richard after a life-changing accident meant he had to learn to live with a disability.

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louise coronavirus pandemic story

Louise’s story of financial support in the coronavirus pandemic

Find out how we supported Louise and her partner during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Sleep and wellbeing blog by Dr Neil Stanley

Sleep and wellbeing

Find out why a good night’s sleep is so important to your mental health, and how you can improve your sleeping habits to boost your wellbeing.

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Jen Clapperton, author of What to do if your rented accommodation does not meet your health or care needs

What to do if your rented accommodation does not meet your health or care needs

Find out what you can do if you feel your rented accommodation is putting your health at risk, in this expert blog by Shelter.

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Beverley Archer, Business and Volunteering Manager

Empowering engineers: why you should volunteer with Foothold

Find out why volunteering with Foothold is great for broadening your experience whilst making a difference to a global community.

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