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A lifetime commitment of help and support

We’re here to make sure engineers and their families never face life’s challenges without support. Whatever the problem, big or small – you’ll find tools to make your life better right now.


Wellbeing at work – supporting employees

79% of employees say that coronavirus has negatively impacted their mental health. We look at how employers can better support their employees.

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wellbeing at home

Staff wellbeing

Staff wellbeing has been at the heart of many changes at Foothold over the last few months. This is what our 'new normal' looks like.

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Benevolent fund support during coronavirus

We're looking at the role charities play in supporting people during coronavirus, and what we can do to maximise that support.

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feel good blog

Feel-good TV shows and podcasts

From shows to make you laugh to things that will inspire you, here’s Foothold’s recommendations to feel good.

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Friendship team – connecting the community one chat at a time

Holly talks about her new role in the Foothold Friendship Team and what she's learned about keeping the Foothold team and the community connected.

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Let’s talk support

CEO Jane Petit talks about what Foothold team have been up to during lockdown and what support we're providing to the community

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Coronavirus support

It’s a worrying time for many of us but you can still count on our support. Whether you’re struggling to cover everyday expenses, looking after someone who’s ill, or need a chat about what’s going on and what to do next.

Our team is here, ready to help with:

  • financial support
  • mental and physical wellbeing support
  • career support
  • legal support
  • care and disability support and much more.

Get in touch with us on or +44 (0)20 7344 5498 (Monday to Friday, UK time)