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Supporting the women in our community

Women make up around 13% of the engineering workforce.

But there are many more in our community – partners, parents, and carers to name a few. Women do most of the unpaid work in society. But we know that women’s lived experiences are still disregarded in many settings, including healthcare and work. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to help.

Health and wellbeing

Research shows us that women’s pain and health concerns are often not taken seriously. This can lead to delayed or ineffective treatment and unnecessary suffering. Our support could help you get well sooner.

  • Chronic illnesses like endometriosis, migraines and polycystic ovary syndrome affect millions of women worldwide. We know that early diagnosis often leads to better outcomes and improved quality of life. That’s why we offer wellbeing funding to help with pursuing the treatment you need.
  • Society often expects women to play a supportive role in life and be the guardian of their family’s health. This pressure can make asking for mental health support feel next to impossible. We work with experts at Anxiety UK and provide counselling and therapy funding so you can talk things through when you need to.

Work and career

The gender pay gap is only one challenge women face in the workplace. Striking the right work-life balance, facing prejudice and dealing with harassment can all be a daily reality for many women.

  • Access to professional development and career opportunities shouldn’t be biased. Our expert work life support  is there to give advice at all levels. There’s one-to-one advice sessions, access to job search tools and interview practice, as well as looking at the big picture and helping you decide the next steps.
  • Many women face harassment at work, and even more never report it for fear of consequences they may face. Sometimes harassment is part of the ‘workplace culture’ but nobody should feel unsafe at work. That’s where our legal support can help – it covers all areas of the law and is available over the phone.
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Caring for others

Women provide the majority of unpaid care in the UK, valued at around £77bn each year. Many of these women have had to give up work or reduce their hours to meet their caring responsibilities.

  • Getting a break from your responsibilities can make a huge difference to your wellbeing. Our support for carers includes funding for breaks and activities. We could also help cover the cost of someone taking over while you’re away. Our quarterly carer newsletter will keep you up to date with our support.
  • Disability has a price tag. Research has found that disabled people face an extra cost of £583 each month, with one in five having to find an extra £1000. As a result, many people have to go without things that make their lives easier. Our care and disability grants could help with equipment, care, and other expenses.

We can’t make the challenges women face go away but we can make them easier to deal with. If you or your partner is a current or former IET member, get in touch with us. We’re here to help.

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