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Keep Talking campaign

The #KeepTalking campaign aims to help tackle the stigma men face when seeking support and encourage men to speak openly about their experiences.

The #KeepTalking campaign

89% of people working in engineering are men. However, their specific set of challenges with mental and physical health is not often addressed directly. With this campaign, we want to help make it easier for men to keep talking.

Men and mental health

EqualEngineers found that almost one in five engineers have lost a colleague to suicide. And more than a fifth of men take time off work because of a mental health issue. We want to help break down the stigma men face when it comes to mental health and make it okay to ask for support.

Disabilities, especially ‘invisible’ ones, can make it difficult to ask for support in the workplace. This, combined with pressure for men to behave in certain ways, creates difficulty asking for help they need and deserve. This can and should change

Men and physical health

Men are less likely to visit the doctor – around two thirds will put it off for as long as possible. And the third that go to the doctor will withhold information. By talking openly and honestly, we want to educate men on the importance of their health and make them feel more comfortable to take a positive action.

Paying more attention to physical health changes can mean the difference between catching an illness early and treating it successfully and facing a less positive outcome. Click below to read engineer Alan's experience of coming to terms with his diagnosis and his journey back to health.

#KeepTalking resources

Self-care: where do I start?

In this article, we look at the building blocks of self-care and how to bring it into your everyday life.

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Care and disability grants

Being comfortable in your own home is incredibly important, and even more so if you’re dealing with an illness, long-term condition or disability.

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Autism support

Autism is part of daily life for many people in the UK and around the world, and we know that includes many members of the Foothold community.

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Support for anxiety

We’ve partnered with mental health charity Anxiety UK so if you or someone in your family need help with anxiety or depression, we can get you the right support quickly.

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Alan Monelle's Blog

The financial support has alleviated so many problems for us. I can’t express how much it helped - it’s enabled us to live a life.

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#KeepTalking News Article

We're launching a new annual campaign, tackling the stigma men face around asking for help for health issues

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Opening up new opportunities for the engineering community with the launch of our Engineering Neurodiverse Futures programme

Our new support programme is designed to empower neurodiverse engineering professionals, students and apprentices to achieve their full potential.

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1000 engineers access Foothold’s Wellbeing Hub in year since launch

The hub, funded through a collaboration with Gattaca PLC, offers clinically approved resources and guidance for engineers and their families.

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Foothold developing support hub for peopleliving with neurodiverse conditions

Foothold developing ‘Differently Wired’ hub for people living with neurodiverse conditions

The hub will offer free, on-demand access to expert content and resources on a range of neurodiverse conditions.

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