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woman using legal and money advice app on her phone

Foothold app - legal and money advice at your fingertips

A new way to get all the legal and money advice you need quickly and easily

You may think that getting the latest legal and money advice involves a trip to a law office or at least a phone call. But we have a solution that’s quick, easy and reliable – the Foothold app.

Your legal questions answered

We’ve been supporting our community with a legal helpline for a while, but the new app is an exciting addition to this support. In partnership with our friends at Law Express, we’re bringing you the latest information on all things legal. Whether it’s sorting out a will, deciding on custody or knowing your rights to flexible working, the app will have an answer for you.

Money advice

We know that money worries affect many of us, no matter what situation we’re in. Dealing with debt or benefits can be overwhelming for anyone. The app will give you clear guidance on what the latest rules are and what you can apply for. If you’re worried about missing rent or mortgage payments, the app will suggest ways to take control of that situation too. It's constantly kept up to date by the experts at the Money Advice Service so you can be sure the information is always relevant and correct. You'll find information on:

  • housing costs
  • bills and pensions
  • self-employment
  • impact of coronavirus and more 

The Foothold app is a great way to check where you stand with legal and money matters – it’s free for download in England and Wales. To get all the latest legal and money advice on your phone, download the Foothold app free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store now.

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