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The Foothold library

We update our library regularly to make sure there's advice and guides that can help you right now.


Whether you’ve just started a relationship, been together for a while or are separating – our factsheets can help you navigate some of the legal issues you may face.


Understanding your rights at work is important – we want to help you know where you stand when it comes to employment law.

Goods and services

You have consumer rights which are good to know when it comes to dealing with things like buying a used car or dealing with builders.

Home and property

Our factsheets can help you to understand your rights as a tenant or as a landlord – they can even help you get to grips with neighbour issues.


Understanding taxes can be challenging. Our factsheets explain your rights when it comes to Capital Gains tax and inheritance tax.

Personal injury

You deserve to have a sage environment – and often you’re legally entitled to one. If you want to get to grips with where you stand our factsheets should help.


Our fact sheets offer advice on buying a used car to challenging a parking ticket or understanding your rights during motoring offences.


Being well is just as important as doing well. Our advice and guides are written by experts in their field – designed to help you understand and cope with your feelings.

The structure of wellbeing

You hear and see the words 'wellbeing' plastered everywhere, but what does that mean to an engineer?

Physical wellness

Your physical wellness is key to your overall wellbeing. Here you will learn about how important it is and how you can improve your physical wellness.

Psychological wellness

We'll be unpacking the kind of experiences that are favourable when actively attempting to improve or maintain your mental wellbeing.

Controlling the uncontrollable

How do we learn to main perspective and prevent natural levels of performance enhancing pressure from turning into unhealthy levels of anxiety and stress?

Sleep better, feel better

We'll briefly discuss the importance of sleep and offer a range of practical tips for improving the quality of your sleep quickly.

Why music matters

Music has a huge impact on our lives - even before we're born. Read more about why music is so important to us.

Health benefits of music

Music has a lot of benefits for us - both physically and mentally. This guide talks you through how music can make you healthier.

Music therapy

Music therapy is a great way for someone to express themselves - find out how it works.

Self-Care for carers

In this article, we discuss self-care for carers, with a view to helping those that generously provide life-changing support to friends, family and loved ones.

Self-care: where do I start?

In this article, we look at the building blocks of self-care and how to bring it into your everyday life.

Reducing workplace stress (Part Two)

It’s time to explore a stress management strategy.

Reducing workplace stress (Part Three)

Solutions that can reduce short term stress

Money advice

Advice and tips on how to manage your finances.

Dealing with debt

Are you potentially worried about your finances and the associated stress it may cause? We may be able to help.

Monthly budgeting

Creating a monthly budget can really help you get control of your finances. Try out our template.

Learning differences

Mamta Singhal has put together a useful series about living with dyslexia.

Dyslexia - the positives

There are a lot of positives to living with dyslexia, find out what they are.


Dyslexiability is a term Mamta coined - find out what she means by that.

Famous people living with dyslexia

There are some incredible people living with dyslexia, find out who they are.

Growing up with dyslexia

Find out what life was like for Mamta as she grew up living with dyslexia.

What is dyslexia?

Mamta breaks down what dyslexia actually means and how it can affect your life.


Being a carer can be word work, that’s why we’ve put together some guides to help.

Healthy advice for carers

Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of others.

Self-care for carers

Learning how to take care of yourself is a challenge, we've put this guide together to help.

Support information

Welcome to your guide to the Foothold community and the support you can find here.

Webinar Q&As

During our webinars, you may have a question that was not covered during the event. In our webinar Q&A section, you’ll be able to see these questions answered.

How to improve sleep Q&As

Dr. Neil Stanley covers all questions that were submitted during the How to improve sleep webinar.

Sleep and mental health Q&As

Poor sleep can lead to poor mental health and vice versa. Learn how taking care of your sleep can improve your mental health and well-being.

Health conditions and sleep Q&A

Poor sleep can play a factor in many other health conditions, learn about the real risks of poor sleep to your health and recognise the media hype around other supposed risks of poor sleep.

Sleep and the body Q&A

Sleep is of the brain and for the brain, but it is also crucial for the optimal functioning of the body, for example, the endocrine metabolic and immune systems rely on good sleep to work well. Learn how sleep keeps the body running smoothly.