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maternity leave Yaels story

Yael’s story of getting support during maternity leave

Find out how we supported Yael and her family during maternity leave when her family needed practical and financial help.

I reached out for support when I was on maternity leave — my third child was three weeks old. He was born at home! My husband Kandas who is an engineer delivered him, as he arrived very quickly. Kandas had gone back to work. But the laptop he used to work at home had broken down, so he was staying late at the office quite often.

It became quite a struggle for me to look after the two older children and the newborn baby on my own.

Due to some of my health conditions I needed my husband home as much as possible so having him working late was a worry for both of us.

A boost during maternity leave

That’s when I contacted Foothold to see if help was available for a new laptop. I phoned up and spoke to a very friendly lady who was really empathetic about my situation. I was then sent an application which was very simple to fill in. After a couple of weeks, the response was amazing. Foothold not only helped with a laptop but also a monthly grant to boost our finances while I was on maternity leave.

The difference this has made to our family has been incredible. It has allowed me to continue with my maternity leave and spend extra time with my children, which is priceless.

We have also booked our first family holiday which we could never afford without Foothold. My husband doesn’t like to ask for help which is why I did all the asking! But we are so pleased we asked, and now feel like there is a support network in place if things are difficult. Times are difficult for everyone right now so please reach out for support. You’ll be amazed at what can be done. So much weight that can be lifted mentally and emotionally, knowing there is help on offer.

If you’re struggling to make ends meet during parental leave, you’re not alone. Our team is ready to listen and help. Get in touch with us now. 


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