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Work life support

Work is a big part of our lives – it’s important that we feel stable and supported in our work life. Whether you’re out of work, facing redundancy or unhappy in your job, Foothold is here to help.

Work represents a big chunk of our adult lives. Which makes it really important that we get the most out of work and receive help with any issues that come up. We can’t be experts in every field, but we can partner with people who are. And that’s what we’ve done to offer existing and former IET members, who have been out of work for at least 6 months, work life support.

Career coaching

If you have been out of work, for 6 months or more, career coaching can give you a kick start. Our partnerships with Chuimento and Renovo will give you access to career coaching and other work life support. Your coach will incorporate practical things like looking at your CV and updating your LinkedIn profile. They’ll also help you analyse the bigger picture – where you are the moment and where it is you want to be. Our programmes can also include:

  • access to an online resources ranging from interview training and courses to up your IT skills to career assessments, workshops and a job search engine.
  • 24/7 wellbeing support and access to counsellors

If you have been unemployed for 6 months or more, you have options. Together we'll figure out what they are. Get in touch with us today and together we'll face the challenges.

Legal advice

Disciplinary at work

If you’re facing a disciplinary at work, it’s important to know where you stand legally.


Going through redundancy can be overwhelming, this factsheet will help you understand your legal position.

Settlement agreements

Understanding settlement agreements can be confusing, this factsheet will give you the legal ins and outs to help clarify things.


Legal advice

Psychological wellness

In this video, we’ll be unpacking our favourite techniques to help us improve or maintain our mental wellbeing.

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The structure of wellbeing

You hear and see the words ‘wellbeing’ plastered everywhere, but what does that mean to an engineer? And how can you make it work for you?

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Controlling the uncontrollable

How do we learn to maintain perspective and prevent natural levels of performance-enhancing pressure from turning into unhealthy levels of anxiety and stress? This video guide will help you manage your pressure in healthy way.

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Work life support

I am able to get my career prospects back on track without losing the roof over my head after the bereavements of the past year.

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