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Tell us your story

Help us reach more people in the engineering community who need our support and share your story

Help us help others - share your story

It’s hard to ask for help, especially if you're the one problem-solving for a living! But seeing other people who have asked for support makes it easier. We’d love if you could share how the support you received made a difference to you.

How to write a testimonial:

It’s your story! Use your own words to tell your community how we supported you and what difference that made - big or small. 

  • What difference did our support make to you/ your family?
  • How did it make you feel?

And it’s not just your words that matter. It’s important for our community to see the real people behind those words. So, it would be fantastic if you sent us a selfie too.

How to take a selfie:

You can take your selfie on your phone, digital camera or webcam. Here’s some tips on how to get the best shot:

  • Face towards a light source - a window works well.
  • Choose a light, plain background if possible.
  • Position yourself so we can see your head and shoulders.
  • Smile!

I found the process of sharing my story with Foothold to be surprisingly cathartic. Talking about our experiences made me realise just how far we’d come and proud of the progress we’d made. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support from Foothold


Submit your testimonial and selfie below:

Alan overcoming illness
The financial support has alleviated so many problems for us. I can’t express how much it helped - it’s enabled us to live a life. Alan Monelle View story Read quote by Alan Monelle
sharon becoming a carer
The way we have dealt with the last 12 months is with a positive attitude, laughter and not being afraid to ask for help. Sharon Monelle View story Read quote by Sharon Monelle
redundancy amir's story
It was brilliant news and such a relief to have some breathing space financially. The money will help with our day-to-day living expenses until I can work again. The £1000 grant will definitely make a difference to our family and is very much appreciated. View story Read Amir’s story of coping with redundancy during coronavirus
michaels mental health story
I'd let my mental health define me. But now I’m in control of it - it’s not in control of me. If I hadn’t got in touch with Foothold I wouldn’t be in this position. I really do appreciate everything. View story Read Michael’s story of his mental health journey