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Empowering Neurodiverse Engineers Appeal

With your help, we can ensure every neurodiverse member of our community gets the support they need to reach their full potential and thrive.

We need your support

Around the world, it’s estimated that 1 in 7 people are living with a neurodiverse condition such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. And research shows there is a greater incidence of neurodiversity amongst engineers.

Contrary to popular belief, many neurodiverse people aren't diagnosed until adulthood, meaning they miss out on vital early support. But getting a diagnosis can often be the most difficult step.

Waiting times for a free NHS diagnosis can be months or even years. And the cost of a private assessment ranges from £550 to £2,500 – something that’s out of reach for many. But the need for support goes beyond getting a diagnosis too. People need to understand what a diagnosis means for them, and may need adaptions or specialist equipment.

That's why we've launched a whole new programme of neurodiversity support, designed to empower neurodiverse members of our community to reach their full potential, achieve their goals, and thrive – whatever their circumstances.


How your donations help

You can help a fellow engineer access a life-changing diagnosis for free.

Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference.

Molly as a young neurodivergent girl with brown hair on the right, smiling, with her assistance dog Milo giving her a kiss on the left

Molly's story

"Navigating autism can be very tricky, to know how to support your child. Both of our daughters are diagnosed with autism. Molly also has complex health issues that means that she is a wheelchair user. Foothold incredibly kindly gave us a large grant towards an autism assistance dog for Molly. Our dog Milo already works so well with Molly and has changed her life beyond recognition. He has brought companionship and a bond that is beautiful and strong."

Image of Donat

Donat's story

“I’ve always loved learning, but not long into my studies I started to struggle. I knew I was capable, but there was a blocker in my path that I couldn’t identify. Foothold funded a private assessment for me, which revealed I have ADHD. My diagnosis has already helped me start approaching my studies and career in a better way. I don’t know what I would have done without their support.”

Mikaela's story

“My studies got off to a fantastic start. But things changed when I began my work placement. I felt sleepy all the time, I couldn’t concentrate, and my attention was all over the place. I started to panic – if I couldn’t pass my internship, then I would fail my degree! Thankfully, Foothold funded a private ADHD assessment, as well as follow-up counselling support. Now, I'm back on track with my work and my studies."

Image of Mikaela
Image of Stuart

Stuart's story

“I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at the age of 55. Looking back, it’s easy to see the signs. I’ve always struggled with communication, and it’s had a major effect on my mental health. But there was a two-year NHS waiting list for assessments, and I couldn’t afford to go private. So you can imagine how relieved I was when Foothold offered to fund my diagnosis. Now I can now focus on the future, and get the most out of my life.”

Please donate today. Together we can provide support and opportunities to help neurodiverse engineers thrive.

Regular monthly donations of any amount help us to plan the support we deliver, so that we can be there for as many members of our community as possible.

Neurodiversity support we offer

Differently Wired Hub

Our free, online Differently Wired Hub offers access to a range of neurodiversity information and resources. It provides a helpful starting point for people to learn more about neurodiversity.

Engineering Neurodiverse Futures Programme

Through this unique programme, students and apprentices can access a funded diagnosis of a neurodiverse condition. We also offer financial, counselling and career support to help them kick-start their career with confidence.

Funding for neurodiverse adults

We can provide funding for a private diagnosis for adult community members, who are struggling to get an assessment. We can also offer grants for follow-up counselling sessions and for specialist equipment.

Our support is designed to empower neurodiverse engineers at every stage of their journey, so that everyone in our community can reach their full potential. But we need your help. As an independent charity, we rely on donations from our community members to fund our life-changing work.   

If you can, please consider supporting your fellow engineers by donating even just a small amount to Foothold today.

We understand that you might not be able to donate right now. However, you can still support your fellow engineers by leaving an inspiring message here -

Support we offer

Whatever difficulties you're going through, big or small – we have varied and tailored support to help you overcome them.

Foothold and the IET

Although we are independent charities, Foothold and The IET both work to support the world of engineers and engineering.

Get involved

We value all the fantastic support we get from our dedicated community – your help goes a long way.