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We want to be open with our community and keep you up to date with what we're doing to support and empower you.

Foothold’s Friendship team – looking to the future

Connecting the community is now more important than ever. We look at what's next for the newly formed Foothold Friendship Team .

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dyslexia strengths

Wellbeing at work – supporting employees

79% of employees say that coronavirus has negatively impacted their mental health. We look at how employers can better support their employees.

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wellbeing at home

Staff wellbeing

Staff wellbeing has been at the heart of many changes at Foothold over the last few months. This is what our 'new normal' looks like.

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Benevolent fund support during coronavirus

We're looking at the role charities play in supporting people during coronavirus, and what we can do to maximise that support.

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woman using legal and money advice app on her phone

The Foothold app is here!

We're excited to announce the launch of Foothold app, giving you up-to-date legal and money advice

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Mental health awareness week – being kind

Being kind is important to mental health - find out how you can practise kindness while working from home in our latest news update.

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Supporting our community’s career goals

We're looking at the ways Foothold career support can help you secure that role you've been wishing for.

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Mental health support during the coronavirus pandemic

We're making sure our community of engineers and their families get the mental health support they need.

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Financial support for engineering community during the coronavirus crisis

We're supporting our community of IET members and their families affected by coronavirus. Here's how.

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Your stories

sharon becoming a carer
The way we have dealt with the last 12 months is with a positive attitude, laughter and not being afraid to ask for help. Sharon Monelle View story