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December Support Hub

Free, expert advice and resources to help you have a happier, healthier December.

Welcome to the Foothold December Support Hub

By choosing to help us help you take control of your winter wellbeing, you’ve taken the first step towards a happier, healthier December. No matter what challenges you’re facing right now, our free expert content and resources will shine a light on potential solutions so you can see the year out in a positive way.

From PDF guides and webinars to helpful blogs and activity workbooks, take a look at the resources below and discover how you can #DialDownDecember.

Take the pressure off guide

Learn how to ease the pressure on yourself this December in this guide from therapist Andy Thornton.

Coping with bereavement, grief & loss guide

Learn how to manage the emotions and challenges that come with bereavement, grief and loss in this helpful guide from Foothold and Rightsteps.

Managing social anxiety guide

Find out how to overcome social anxiety in this helpful guide from Foothold and Rightsteps.

Learning to change - Setting achievable goals guide

Find out how to effectively create change in your life by setting achievable goals in this helpful guide from Foothold and Rightsteps.

Overcoming low mood guide

Discover how to overcome low mood and improve your mental health this winter in this helpful guide from Foothold and Rightsteps.

Festive Stress Busters

Tips and techniques to help you cope when you're feeling overwhelmed, by wellbeing expert Pete Scott.

Coping with pressure webinar

Find out how to prevent pressure taking over your life in this insightful webinar by Andy Thornton.

Christmas and anxiety workbook

Discover simple tips , distraction techniques and activities for looking after yourself this Christmas.

Budget planning tool

Become a master of budgeting with this handy budget planning tool, designed to help you make the most of your hard-earned income.

Tania’s story: A day in the life of a Foothold telephone befriender

Read about Tania's experience as a Foothold volunteer telephone befriender and the difference she makes to isolated engineers.

A branded blog header graphic that reads: 'Martin Griffin, engineer and neurodiversity advocate', with a picture of Martin smiling

Neurodiversity at work: How leaders and managers can support neurodiverse staff to thrive

Neurodivergent engineer Martin shares his some top tips to help leaders empower neurodiverse colleagues to thrive at work.

Working with ADHD: Thriving with FREE Help from Access to Work

Sam shares her experience with Access To Work and how it can help other engineers with neurodiversity.

“Making a meaningful and enduring difference” – your impact in 2022-23

Our CEO Jane shares her thoughts on how your support helped us make a real difference for engineers and their families around the world.