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Foothold webinar - Pensions in plain English

Foothold webinar: Pensions in plain English

Thursday 15 September 2022
12:00 UK time

It's never too early to start planning for your retirement. Whatever stage you're at in your life, we'd encourage you to join this webinar to help you you take care of your future, so that it takes care of you.

Like many of us, you’ll want to ensure that, when the time comes, you have everything you need to enjoy a comfortable and stress-free retirement.

But how often do you spend time preparing to make it a reality?

Perhaps you’re putting it off as something to sort out in the future. Or maybe you’re more focused on managing your finances right now. Or perhaps you simply don’t know where to start?

Whilst the rising cost of living is forcing people to spend more time focusing on their current situation, planning and organising your finances for your life after work – whether it’s a distant prospect or right around the corner – is key to getting the most out of your retirement.

A big part of this is saving into your pension fund. By joining this free webinar hosted by finance expert Nick Perry, you’ll learn how you make your pension work harder for you, whilst you work hard to earn a living.

Enabling you to look after yourself and your family later in life, and live out your golden years the way you want.

Register for your spot below – limited spaces available!

When and where

Date: 15 September 2022
Time: 12:00–13:00 UK time
Where: Online

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