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Staff fundraising ideas

Whether your employees are office based or remote, you can find fundraising inspiration in our handy list of ideas.

A shared purpose

Staff fundraising is a fantastic way to motivate your employees and unite them with a common goal; to ensure no engineer or their family must face life's challenges alone.  Here are some ways that your workforce can donate to Foothold:

  • Pennies from Heaven: By encouraging your employees to donate the small change from their salary, your business can make a big change to the engineering community. Click here to find out more.  
  • Payroll giving: Similarly to the 'Pennies from Heaven' initiative, payroll giving encourages employees to give something back by making regular donations to Foothold directly from their monthly salary.

To find out more about these initiatives, please contact Gemma at [email protected]

Something for every workplace

There are countless fundraising ideas that your employees can get involved in to raise money for Foothold; these activities can help to build team relationships and can be a lot of fun too! 

Take a look at our A-Z of fundraising ideas for your workforce:

  • A

    Afternoon tea, arts and craft sale, auction, abseiling, art exhibition

  • B

    Bake sale, bungee jump, birthday fundraising, bring and buy sale, baby photo challenge

  • C

    Crafternoon sessions, cocktail evening, coffee morning, 'Come dine with me', comedy night, Christmas jumper day

  • D

    Danceathon, dress down day, dog walking, dogs-at-the-office day

  • E

    Eurovision pool, Easter egg hunt, egg and spoon race, eBay sale

  • F

    Fun run, fun day, fancy dress day, fashion show, face-paint zoom call

  • G

    Golf day, give up something, guess the name, weight, anything!, gala dinner, games night

  • H

    Head shave, Halloween party, hiking challenge

  • I

    It’s a knockout challenge

  • J

    Jazz night, jumble sale

  • K

    Karaoke night, knitting competition

  • L

    Lunch & learn, leg waxing, line dancing, loose change collection

  • M

    Marathon, murder mystery party, music concert

  • N

    Non-uniform day, netball tournament

  • O

    Overseas challenge, office Olympics, office bring-a-dish, office open day, obstacle course

  • P

    Pamper evening, parachute jump party, pancake race, preloved sale, psychic evening

  • Q

    Quiz night

  • R

    Raffle a day off work, 'Run Til It Hertz' virtual challenge, running challenges, running races, readathon, race night

  • S

    Silent auction, inter-departmental sports day, scavenger hunt, step-counts, sponsored challenges, sweepstake

  • T

    Tombola, treasure hunt, tea party, trekking challenge

  • U

    University challenge

  • V

    Variety show, volleyball competition

  • W

    Weight loss challenge, wing walk, world record attempt, wine tasting, window cleaning

  • X

    Xbox tournament, xmas craft fair, x-factor style singing competition

  • Y

    Yogathon, yo yo challenge

  • Z

    Zumbathon, zip wire challenge

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