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Fundraising top tips

The best fundraising is safe and legal so let’s get started

Here are our top 10 tips for fundraising success

  1. Set a target
    Make sure you set a target for your fundraising. People love helping others achieve their fundraising goals and you will get a real buzz from watching your total grow towards the target.
  2. Shout about it from the roof tops
    Tell everyone you know and everyone you meet about your fundraising. Consider all of the ways you can spread the word. Posters, flyers, social media, company intranets, emails, the local media. Use everyone in your network and ask them if they can help you spread the word to others.
  3. Tell your personal story
    Do you have a personal reason for fundraising? If so, share your story, it will help others feel connected to what you are trying to achieve and maximise your success. Your story could even inspire others to join in.
  4. Set up an online giving page
    We recommend you set up an online giving page. They are quick, easy and free to set up. You can easily share them with family and friends anywhere in the world, and the money will come automatically to Foothold.
  5. Carry a paper sponsorship form wherever you go
    As well as an online giving page, don’t forget to carry a paper sponsor form with you – some people prefer paper and will happily sponsor you a few pounds if you ask. Don’t forget to start your form off with a larger donation so subsequent sponsors are more inclined to give a larger amount.
  6. Be creative
    Think of ways you can up the ante on your fundraising. For example, if you reach £x will you wear fancy dress to the event or do something else people would like to see?
  7. Do a final big push
    Let people know your fundraising is nearing the end and this is their last chance to sponsor you or donate. Creating a sense of urgency can be a great way to boost your total.
  8. Let everyone know how it went
    Don’t forget to update everyone who supported you with how your fundraising went. How much did you raise, what was the best bit? Share photos and stories where possible and don’t forget to say thank you!
  9. Give yourself a well-earned pat on the back
    Take some time to reflect on your achievements – every pound you raised will make a real difference to the lives of engineers and their families.
  10. Pay in your fundraising
    Please pay in your fundraising monies as soon as you can so we can put your donations to good use. There are many ways to pay in, click here for more information.

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