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We might not know the answer to all your questions, but we usually know someone who will.

Please note there are many other organisations who may be able to support you. This library is a starting point for you to complete your own research.






Tourette's Syndrome

Acquired neurodiversity

Worklife and employment

Diagnostic services

Autism Spectrum Disorder

National Autistic Society

National Autistic Society is the UK's leading charity for people on the autism spectrum and their families. Since 1962, they have been providing support, guidance and advice, as well as campaigning for improved rights, services and opportunities to help create a society that works for autistic people.

Global Autism Project

The Global Autism Project discovers and mentors high-potential entrepreneurs and leaders driving social impact for the global Autistic community. In many parts of the world, an autism diagnosis can be dangerous. They're on a mission to provide the resources, culturally-relevant training, and compassionate collaboration communities need to support, empower, and champion local Autistic individuals. 

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks is a global charity dedicated to enhancing lives tod​ay and accelerating a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow.

Their website details a handy guide to autism charities by country that could provide additional support.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

The ADHD Foundation

The ADHD Foundation, is the UK's leading Neurodiversity Charity that was set up in 2007 to promote and improve the mental health outcomes, educational attainment, social inclusion and life chances of children, young people and adults affected by ADHD through early intervention with a range of training and therapies

UK ADHD Partnership

The UK ADHD Partnership aims to support clinicians and allied professionals to identify and meet the needs of children and young people affected by this disorder. ADHD is now recognised as a condition that may cross the lifespan and there are multi-modal interventions for ADHD that can be delivered at every age.

ADHD Europe

Advocate on behalf of people with ADHD for their rights to have equal access to diagnosis and treatment, and serve as a platform for member organisations to share information and collaborate on research to help the European community.


British Dyslexia Association

The British Dyslexia Association (BDA) is the leading national charity for dyslexia and has been the voice of dyslexic people since 1972. They are a membership organisation working to change society by breaking through the barriers and enabling everyone with dyslexia and dyscalculia to be acknowledged, accepted, and empowered.

International Dyslexia Association

The International Dyslexia Association, Inc. (IDA) is a nonprofit, charity, organized and operated to provide advocacy, resources and services to teaching professionals, advocates and individuals and families impacted by dyslexia and other related learning differences.

Made By Dyslexia

Made By Dyslexia is a global charity, led by successful dyslexics. They've built the world’s largest community of dyslexic people and allies. Their purpose is to help the world to Learn Dyslexia: to understand it, to value it and to support it.


British Dyslexia Association

The British Dyslexia Association (BDA) is the leading national charity for dyslexia and has been the voice of dyslexic people since 1972. They are a membership organisation working to change society by breaking through the barriers and enabling everyone with dyslexia and dyscalculia to be acknowledged, accepted, and empowered.

The Dyscalculia Information Centre

The Dyscalculia Information Centre operates a free advice service which is used by parents, teachers and professionals beyond the teaching profession around the English-speaking world. A wide range of useful articles on dyscalculia can be found on their website.


Dyspraxia Foundation

The Dyspraxia Foundation is committed to making the teaching and medical professions more aware of dyspraxia, and to spreading understanding of how those who have the condition can be helped

Dyspraxia Foundation USA

Dyspraxia Foundation USA works to raise awareness and educate people about diagnosis, treatment, and resources to improve the quality of life for people with Dyspraxia and their families.

Tourette's syndrome

Tourettes Action

Tourettes Action works in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and is the leading support and research charity for people with Tourette Syndrome and their families. The charity aims to ensure people with TS receive the practical support and social acceptance they need to help them live their lives to the full. Their website also details Tourettes charities by country who could offer support.

Acquired neurodiversity

The Brain Charity

Helps people with all forms of neurological conditions to lead longer, healthier and happier lives. They provide practical help, emotional support and social activities to people living with conditions affecting their brain, spine and nervous system.

Worklife and employment

Exceptional Individuals

Provide consulting, recruitment and employment support to employers and individuals with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and autism. We provide the benefit of lived experience and are passionate about creating wider employment opportunities and better understanding and appreciation for neurodivergent individuals everywhere.

Equal Engineers

Equal Engineers are making engineering and technology more diverse and inclusive through training, recruitment, media and events. 

Neurodiversity in Business (NiB)

NiB is a business-led forum functioning as an industry group for organisations to share industry good practice on ND recruitment, retention and empowerment.

The vision is to foster a corporate environment where neurodivergent people are understood and form an invaluable part of the work culture.

Diagnostic services

Autism Directory

This directory from National Autistic Society helps autistic people, their families and the professionals who work with them to find local and national services, including diagnostic providers.

Dyspraxia UK

Dyspraxia UK provides assessments and diagnosis for children and adults, and is the UK specialist in this field of occupational therapy. Unlike specialist teachers, they are able to provide comprehensive assessment of movement and coordination skills, in addition to those used for writing and paper based tasks. 

The ADHD Centre London

The ADHD Centre is a leading private UK ADHD assessment and treatment centre. They are dedicated to helping our clients, both adults and children, through individual assessment, proper diagnosis and evidence-based treatments planned out and tailored to specific needs.

British Dyslexia Association

Offers an individual assessment service for people wishing to book a diagnostic assessment for dyslexia. The service can put you in contact with a BDA Approved Assessor that will organise and carry out an assessment for you.

The Autism Service

The Autism Service is a private assessment and intervention service for children and adults with – or who are suspected of having – Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  

Stuart Redgard DWH Branded

"I think differently, my reactions are different, my ‘cause and effect’ is not the same as others’ – and that’s ok. My diagnosis is helping me understand my strengths and explain some of the challenges I’ve faced in my life."

Read Stuart's story of his experiences with Autistic Spectrum Disorder – and how his diagnosis has helped him understand himself better, and come to terms with what it means for him.

Need support?

We know that when you’re struggling emotionally, practically and financially, often the hardest step to take is reaching out and asking for support. And these challenges can have even more of an impact if you’re neurodivergent. But everyone experiences challenges in life, and it’s important to remember that you are not alone – after all, there are thousands of neurodiverse engineers just like you around the world, many of whom may be in a similar situation.

Our support is here to help you live better and thrive – whatever your circumstances. So if you’re ready to get in touch with us, we’re ready to listen to your needs and offer whatever support we can.


You are not alone. Hear from people across the engineering community on how they’ve managed their neurodiversity journey, and what being a neurodivergent engineer means to them.

Stuart Redgard DWH Branded

Read Stuart's story of his experiences with Autism – and how his diagnosis helped him understand himself better. 


Read Brian's story of how he got a diagnosis for dyslexia - but wishes the signs had been spotted sooner.

Mikaela Sanchez Branded

Learn how we helped Mikaela get a diagnosis for ADHD so that she could pass her placement with confidence.