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neurodiversity tests

Neurodiversity tests and quizzes

Find out if you present neurodivergent traits

You'll probably be aware that much of the neurodiversity support available depends on a positive diagnosis of a neurodiverse condition.

But as we are all different and have our own unique ways of thinking and doing things, it’s important to ensure you’re confident you may be neurodivergent before committing to securing a formal diagnosis. We would always recommend speaking with your GP or other health professional to explore this further.

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The handy tests and quizzes below have been developed by neurodiversity experts to help you understand and identify whether you might present the signs of a neurodiverse condition. They are intended as a first step towards a formal diagnosis – however, they should not be considered a diagnosis in themselves.

Take a look at the tests below that are of interest to you and find out whether you might be neurodivergent. Visit our ‘What to do if you think you might be neurodivergent’ page to find out what to do next. This is not an exhaustive list – it is simply intended as a starting point to help you find out whether you may need a formal diagnosis.

Adult Autism Quotient AQ-10

Aspie Quiz for autism traits

Adult ADHD Self-Screening Tool

Adult ADHD Self Report Scale

Dyspraxia Checklist

Adult Dyspraxia Questionnaire

Adult Dyscalculia Quiz

Tic Disorder Self Test

Need support?

We know that when you’re struggling emotionally, practically and financially, often the hardest step to take is reaching out and asking for support. And these challenges can have even more of an impact if you’re neurodivergent. But everyone experiences challenges in life, and it’s important to remember that you are not alone – after all, there are thousands of neurodiverse engineers just like you around the world, many of whom may be in a similar situation.

Our support is here to help you live better and thrive – whatever your circumstances. So if you’re ready to get in touch with us, we’re ready to listen to your needs and offer whatever support we can.

"I still feel very angry and let down sometimes that I wasn’t diagnosed sooner. I have no doubt that being able to access support earlier would have made a big difference in my life."

Read Brian's story of how he got a diagnosis for dyslexia - but wishes the signs had been spotted sooner.



You are not alone. Hear from people across the engineering community on how they’ve managed their neurodiversity journey, and what being a neurodivergent engineer means to them.


Read Brian's story of how he got a diagnosis for dyslexia - but wishes the signs had been spotted sooner.

Stuart Redgard DWH Branded

Read Stuart's story of his experiences with Autism – and how his diagnosis helped him understand himself better.

Mikaela Sanchez Branded

Learn how we helped Mikaela get a diagnosis for ADHD so that she could pass her placement with confidence.