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Neurodiversity awareness webinar

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Expert advice, resources and support for neurodiverse engineers, students and apprentices, and those who support them - designed to help you reach your full potential, and live a fulfilled life.

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If you've been diagnosed as neurodivergent or you believe you may have a neurodiverse condition, you might find it difficult to progress at work, finish your studies, or understand why you don’t seem to ‘fit’ in with the way everyone else does things. Now, we’ve launched our Differently Wired Hub – a free online resource to help you access support, learn about neurodiversity and discover more about yourself, so that you can thrive, whatever your circumstances.

Empowering you to start #EngineeringYourWay, by making your career, studies or personal life work for you.

There are 820,000 neurodiverse engineers working in the UK alone


1 in 7 people worldwide are considered to be neurodiverse


Up to 30% of engineers are estimated to be dyslexic


At least 40% of people in the tech industry have kept their neurodivergence a secret

Engineering, your way

Neurodiverse engineers

Support for neurodiverse engineers

Get advice, insights and tools to help you unleash your unique potential – including expert information on neurodiverse conditions, tips on where to get support, and tests to identify whether you might be neurodivergent.

Support for engineering students & apprentices

Get tailored support to help you finish your studies and achieve your career goals – including support to help you access a diagnosis, financial and wellbeing support, and specialist content on neurodiversity.

Neurodiverse engineers
Neurodiverse engineers

Support for employers

Learn how to increase your organisation’s success by unlocking the potential of your neurodiverse employees – with expert information, advice and tips to help you support them to do their best work.

Mikaela Sanchez Branded

"Three months in, I noticed that I was really struggling to engage with my work. I felt sleepy and lethargic all the time, I couldn’t concentrate on anything and my attention was all over the place."

Learn how we helped Mikaela get a diagnosis for ADHD so that she could pass her placement with confidence.

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