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Support us and each other

We value all the support we get from our community - your help goes a long way.

Help us make the most of your support via Gift Aid

It's a difficult time for many of us right now. At Foothold, we're still here for our community of engineers who need us. In the last eight weeks we have helped 312 engineers and their families in the UK and around the world. This is a 316% increase from last year.

With your support we're making progress. But there are many more engineers who need our help which means we need to make the most of every donation we receive.

Are you a UK taxpayer?

If you are, every pound you have donated to Foothold over the last 4 years could be worth 25% more, at no extra cost to you. All you need to do is make a Gift Aid declaration by completing the form below. It really is as simple as that and won’t cost you a penny.

I feel like I have a safety net which reassures me massively. We still have stressful days, but I can manage them so much better than before. Steph Phillips View story
I had never been in the hospital in my life. Then, out of the blue, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. After I came back from the hospital, it became clear that I wouldn’t be able to go back to work anytime soon. Alan Monelle View story

Let’s talk support

CEO Jane Petit talks about what Foothold team have been up to during lockdown and what support we're providing to the community

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March CEO update: working from home

CEO Jane Petit looks at how to combat loneliness when working from home and how we can support our community during and after the floods.

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Changes happening in February – read the latest CEO update

There's a lot of changes happening in February - from new staff to new services. Find out what's been happening in the Foothold community.

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