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Boost your neurodiversity knowledge

Here you'll find a variety of useful articles, guides and videos on a range of neurodiversity topics, to help you build your understanding of different neurodiverse conditions and what they mean for you.

Browse at your leisure below.

Webinar: Understanding and Celebrating Neurodiversity

In this on-demand webinar, our speaker shares their lived experience of neurodiversity and the importance of building a culture of inclusion.

Working with ADHD: Thriving with FREE Help from Access to Work

An exclusive guest blog from engineer and ADHD Coach Sam Williams, who explores how Access To Work can support engineers with neurodiversity.

FREE DOWNLOADS: Neurodiversity Information Packs

Read and download our FREE neurodiversity information packs; great for getting a bite-size understanding of each neurodivergent condition.

Interview with ADHD engineer Sam Williams

ADHD engineer Sam Williams shares her neurodiversity story, and how people can mitigate the challenges of neurodiversity and the menopause.

Interview with ADHD engineer Darren Henson

ADHD engineer Darren Henson shares his neurodiversity story, and what he thinks organisations can do to support neurodiverse colleagues.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace: An information guide for employers

This PDF resource will help you understand how to develop a culture of neuroinclusivity in your organisation.

Birkbeck University of London’s study on Neurodiversity at work 2023

The PDF study will inform you of inclusion initiatives in workplaces.

Webinar: Neurodiversity in the workplace

A recording of our Neurodiversity in the workplace webinar, hosted by Foothold and Colin Foley of the ADHD Foundation.

Webinar: Introduction to neurodiversity awareness

An introduction to neurodiversity awareness presented by Colin Foley of the ADHD Foundation.

A branded blog header graphic that reads: 'Martin Griffin, engineer and neurodiversity advocate', with a picture of Martin smiling

Neurodiversity at work: How leaders and managers can support neurodiverse staff to thrive

Neurodivergent engineer Martin shares his some top tips to help leaders empower neurodiverse colleagues to thrive at work.

Working with ADHD: Thriving with FREE Help from Access to Work

Sam shares her experience with Access To Work and how it can help other engineers with neurodiversity.

“Making a meaningful and enduring difference” – your impact in 2022-23

Our CEO Jane shares her thoughts on how your support helped us make a real difference for engineers and their families around the world.