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Business giving

Looking for ways to engage your customers or encourage your staff with your fundraising? Let us support you to get the most out of your charitable work.

Working together

There are plenty of ways we can work with your organisation to achieve greater engagement from both your customers and employees. Here are a few ideas to help get the ball rolling:


Cause-related marketing

Cause-related marketing is a great way to engage your customers and involve them directly in your charitable efforts. You could donate a % of each sale, donate for every piece of feedback submitted or donate for every 5* review given, to show your customers that you care.


In-kind contributions

By offering your team's professional skills to Foothold via supply of pro-bono services, you could help us progress our strategy and support more engineers and their families.


Matched giving

An easy way to motivate your workforce is to match the money they raise in their fundraising activities. This incentive will both encourage your employees and boost your company's overall fundraising contributions.