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Are you worried about coronavirus? We've got your back.

Whether you've caught it, you're looking after someone who has caught it or you're feeling worried about coronavirus - we can help.

Worried about coronavirus

We've seen it in the headlines, we hear it from our colleagues. And a lot of us are starting to feeling a little worried about catching coronavirus. That worry might make us panic about who will look after the family or get to work. But you don't need to worry - you have a community around you, supporting you through challenges just like this. You're not alone.

How we can help

We know that a lot of our engineering community are self-employed. That means that if you get sick or you don't have a decent sick pay, you might struggle to cover your expenses. But you don't have to struggle without support. If you've ever been an IET member we can help you make ends meet. And if you're feeling anxious about coronavirus, then we can offer an enhanced membership to Anxiety UK to help you cope.

Helping our engineering community

You don't have to be an IET member to get support from us. If you or your partner has ever been an engineer and you are a carer then we can help. For instance, if you're a carer and you become sick, we can help fund someone else to pick up some of your caring duties while you get better. And if you're needing to work more flexibly to care for someone who has become unwell we have tools to help you. We have legal fact-sheets available in our library to help you understand your rights as a worker and how to request reasonable adjustments be made to help you work. Our partners at Law Express have put together some guidance around employment law and duty of care. We also signpost you to the right support - so don't hesitate to get in touch with us.