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Retirement support

Retirement is one of the biggest life transitions any of us will go through but it’s not necessarily an easy one. That’s where Foothold comes in.

Thinking about retirement?

Retirement is one of the biggest life transitions any of us will go through but it’s not necessarily an easy one. Leaving behind the routine, fulfilment – if you’ve been lucky enough to have a job where you thrive – and financial security of working life can be tough, despite the benefits of more time for friends, family and interests. To help current and former IET members get the most out of retirement, we have partnered with LaterLife, an organisation that specialises retirement support - helping you take full advantage of your later years. 

Reinventing retirement programme

Expanding our retirement support, we’ve partnered with Renovo, who are experts in supporting people through career transitions, to deliver the Reinventing Retirement programme. The programme focuses on the stage before retirement – on  mapping out the last few chapters of your working life and thinking about what you want those to look like. Bringing together career support, lifestyle coaching and financial planning, the programme has one-to-to-one time with a coach built into it, to help create a pre-retirement career plan that is personalised to your needs and priorities. It also includes online resources like videos, courses and other information on health, money, lifestyle, career, and more. 

Pre-retirement workshops

Through our partnership with LaterLife, we offer retirement planning workshops at a reduced rate throughout the UK. The workshops are designed to make you think about what you really want from retirement, and what you can do to make those things happen. Aspects covered include when and how to retire, financial planning. and how to stay fit and healthy for longer.

If you or your partner would like to know more about the pre-retirement workshops and the Reinventing Retirement programme and how to access them, get in touch with us. Retirement doesn’t have to be daunting and with the right support we can help you make sure it’s not.

Due to the pandemic, we haven't got any pre-retirement workshops planned yet. We are exploring new ways of delivering our programmes. If you'd like to know more, contact Beverley Archer at 

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