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Pre-retirement workshops going nationwide

Where the pre-retirement workshops began

In 2016 we set up pre-retirement workshops in partnership with LaterLife. The aim of the workshop was to help people create realistic and effective plans for their retirement by looking at their retirement through various aspects – from what to do with their increased free time to financial planning. In a social format, the workshops gave people a chance to discuss their hopes and worries about retirement with their peers.

Since that first workshop we’ve held seventeen workshops, all but one taking place in London. We’ve had 207 people join the workshops over the years.

Where the pre-retirement workshops are going

Those that attended the workshops told us how useful they were – and we recognise that practical and proactive support goes a long way for people. But we heard you when you said that you’d like workshops not to take place only in London.  With that in mind, we’re increasing not just the number of workshops we’re holding this year, but we’re now holding them around the country. We now have ten workshops taking place all over the UK.

The workshops are available to current and former IET members and their partners. If you’d like to find out more about them, you can find more information here.

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