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What is neurodiversity?

Foothold webinar: Neurodiversity in the workplace

Thursday 12 January 2023
11:30 - 13:00 UK time

Like us, you’ll know that a successful business depends on everyone in the organisation being able to make the most of their talents and perform at their best.

But when you think of your own workplace, do you feel this is the case for neurodivergent employees?

For instance…

If you have a diagnosis or believe you may be neurodivergent, you might be finding it difficult to progress in your career if you don’t ‘fit’ with how things are done.

If you have colleagues who are neurodivergent, perhaps you feel your working relationships could be more productive if you understood how you can best collaborate or communicate with them.

And if you’re an engineering employer, maybe you feel there’s more you can do to support neurodivergent employees to make full use of their individual capabilities?

By joining this second webinar in our 2-part series to mark the launch of our brand-new Differently Wired Hub, you’ll build your understanding of the opportunities that neurodiversity can bring to your organisation – so that you can unleash your own potential, or support your colleagues to achieve theirs.

Empowering you to start engineering your way, and take your organisation to new heights.

Register for your spot below – limited spaces available!

When and where

Date: 12 January 2023
Time: 11:30–13:00 UK time
Where: Online

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Meet the presenter

Colin Foley, National Training Director at the ADHD Foundation

Colin is the Training Director of the ADHD Foundation, the largest ADHD charity in Europe. With a background in education, Colin has led the charity’s Training team to become the largest provider of ADHD training for professionals in the UK, working with over 13,000 people across a range of sectors in the last year alone. The training sessions take a strengths-based approach to neurodiversity, as well as providing evidence-based strategies for neurodiverse people to help them live well and be successful in education and the workplace.

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