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Foothold’s Fitness Challenge – 100,000 Steps

We know how important it is to stay fit during lockdown. That is why, we are encouraging you to move your feet for Foothold.

We know how important fitness is during the lockdown but a lot of us are struggling to motivate ourselves. That’s why we’re challenging our community to collectively walk 100,000 steps in 30 days. As a result, we want people to feel like they’re part of a community, get fit and to feel healthier at the end of it.

The challenge

Foothold are challenging our community, other benevolent funds and charities and even our own members of staff to collectively walk 100,000 steps in 30 days starting today. You can certainly do this at home or outside whilst observing social distancing guidelines.

What exercise can I do?

You can contribute to the 100,000 steps target by walking, jogging, dancing, working out, cycling, walking the dog, skipping or anything else you can think of to get your feet moving.

How do I log my steps?

Feel free to download and use any fitness apps on your phone, smart watch or clothing that can log the amount of steps you take. We suggest using Strava or MyFitnessPal.

How do I contribute to the 100,000 steps total?

1 – Walk, run, dance or skip. Do anything that gets your feet moving. Make sure to record your step count via an app.

2 – Once you’ve done your steps for the day, take a screenshot of your results.

3 – Post your results on Instagram or Twitter with a screenshot of your step count.

4 – Make sure to tag @hellofoothold & use the hashtag #FootholdFitnessChallenge

5 – Nominate three of your friends or family to get involved in the challenge.

How long do I have to complete it?

30 days. We recommend doing maybe 1500 steps a day. Feel free to do as much or as little as you can manage. You’ll have 30 days to complete the Foothold Fitness Challenge.

Above all, please make sure that you stretch before you exercise, have water on hand and are observing social distancing guidelines.

Best of luck 👍

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