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A photograph showing a middle-aged man, his partner and their son at the kitchen table. The man is smiling whilst working on his laptop. The partner and son are writing on paper opposite. Representing an IET member renewing their IET membership online.

Important changes to Foothold donations collected via IET membership renewals

From 1 October 2023, the IET will no longer be able to collect donations for Foothold with membership renewals. Find out how you can #DonateDirect to us today, to help us support engineers and their families to thrive.

Over £400,000 of support for the engineering community could be at risk

For over 130 years, Foothold has had the privilege of supporting current and former IET members to live well and thrive. In turn, many of these members have kindly supported us through annual donations paid when renewing their IET membership each year.

However, from 1 October 2023, arrangements between Foothold and the IET are changing. After this date, the IET will no longer be able to collect donations for Foothold via annual membership renewals.

Donations from IET members are a vital source of income for us, and any reduction will impact our ability to support engineers who urgently need our help.

By setting up an annual donation direct to Foothold, you can help to ensure we can continue our life-changing work and support people like you through life’s most difficult challenges.

For more information about this change, and how it will affect Foothold and the engineering community, read our FAQ.

Over £400,000 of donations have been generously gifted each year from around 38,000 IET members, when they join or renew their membership.

Over £400,000 of donations have been generously gifted each year from around 38,000 IET members, when they join or renew their membership.

#DonateDirect to Foothold

#DonateDirect to engineers

Thanks to the generosity of IET members, our impact from 2019-2022 included:


spent on the community

services provided

people supported

countries reached

Your donation will go direct to people who need it most
A photograph of an old man, slightly smiling and looking towards the camera. He is standing in a garden wearing a white shirt and green jumper. Representing IET community member David.

"When you’ve hit rock bottom, as I had after losing all my income, any option is tantamount to hope. Foothold literally saved me from bankruptcy and a life on the streets. Their support has been a godsend to us."

Find out how we’ve helped David support himself and his son financially, after his business went all but bust following the economic crash of 2008 and the Covid-19 pandemic.

"When my husband Clifford died, every day of my life was full of anxiety. But thanks to Foothold’s support, my life is much better now. I’ve moved house, and have a job as a carer. I’m also in a much stronger place financially."

Find out how we helped Imelda get her life back on track after the death of her husband Clifford left her without any income or hope.

A photograph showing Imelda (right) and her late husband and IET member Clifford (left). Both are smiling and looking towards the camera. Clifford is wearing a suit.

Just £25 a year will help us continue to ensure that no engineer or their family has to face life’s challenges alone.

#DonateDirect today

As a charity independent of the IET, all our support is funded by donations from engineers like you, and not from your membership subscriptions or government funding.

It’s easy to donate direct to Foothold. Set up a Direct Debit online by clicking the button below. This will replace any existing donation arrangements you have with the IET.

Foothold Facts: what you need to know about changes to IET membership donations

Got a question we haven't answered? Get in touch at [email protected] or contact our Fundraising and Communications Manager on 07923 257092.


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