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In a profession where precision and structure are paramount, neurodiversity adds a dimension of creative problem-solving and unparalleled focus. Foothold celebrates this diversity, understanding that engineers with ADHD bring unique perspectives that drive innovation.

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About the hub

Our Differently Wired Hub empowers neurodiverse engineers and their supporters, fostering success in a field where neurodiversity is prevalent. In the UK, an estimated 820,000 neurodivergent individuals contribute to engineering. Foothold offers vital support, recognizing the unique challenges and harnessing diverse talents for a fulfilling engineering career.


1 in 7 people worldwide are considered to be neurodiverse [1]


Up to 30% of engineers are estimated to be dyslexic [2]


As many as 40% of people in the tech industry have kept their neurodivergence a secret [3]

I spent 20 years masking my ADHD to fit in

- Darren Henson, Engineer with ADHD

Darren's candid conversation sheds light on the untapped potential of neurodiverse individuals in technical professions. From confronting the stigma to leveraging ADHD as a strength in his engineering role at United Utilities, Darren's story is one of resilience and innovation.

Insights from the Field: Darren Henson on Engineering with ADHD

Discover the inspiring journey of Darren Henson, an engineer who navigated the complexities of ADHD in a demanding field. His story is one of resilience, offering insight into the strengths that neurodiversity brings to engineering.

Experience an honest and empowering account of what it means to work as an engineer with ADHD. Darren's interview highlights the importance of understanding and support, breaking down barriers and misconceptions about neurodiversity in the workplace.

Delve into the Discussion:

  • Learn how Darren identified his ADHD and the transformative effect this had on his career.
  • Explore the unique challenges faced by neurodiverse engineers and the strategies that lead to success.
  • Gain insights into the untapped potential of engineers with ADHD and how they can positively impact their field.
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