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Neurodiversity support for students and apprentices

Engineering Neurodiverse Futures student support - application form

If you are studying your first engineering course or an engineering apprenticeship, and believe you may be neurodivergent, we can offer tailored support to help you reach your full potential. Apply below.

Application form

Please fill out the form below if you wish to apply for support through our Engineering Neurodiverse Futures programme.

Read the Terms & Conditions here.


You are not alone. Hear from people across the engineering community on how they’ve managed their neurodiversity journey, and what being a neurodivergent engineer means to them.


Read Brian's story of how he got a diagnosis for dyslexia - but wishes the signs had been spotted sooner.

Mikaela Sanchez Branded

Learn how we helped Mikaela get a diagnosis for ADHD so that she could pass her placement with confidence.

Stuart Redgard DWH Branded

Read Stuart's story of his experiences with Autism – and how his diagnosis helped him understand himself better.