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CEO update – October

October has seen a flurry of activity at Napier House as we introduced Foothold, the new brand of The Institution of Engineering and Technology Benevolent Fund.

This was a culmination of fifteen months’ work by our teams as we grew to understand more about what the needs of our community of engineers and their families were, and how we could plan to meet those needs in ever more meaningful ways over the coming three years.

There have been some changes in staff as we said congratulations to Caroline Fielding – one of our caseworkers – who has moved to the RAF Benevolent Fund and welcome to Felicity Rook our new fundraising manager, Nora Elias who is working with us for a few months as we finalise our new website ready for its launch in December, and Teresa Szczotka, our interim Finance manager.

Change can be a difficult process for us all. And as a team we realise how difficult it can be to feel in control when your world is changing, maybe because of an illness in the family, redundancy or the breakdown of a relationship. And how even small actions can help, such as reaching out to Foothold and talking to us about what you need.

Last year 992 people did just that and were able to find support from us that helped them regain some control over their situation through a career coaching programme, a grant for a washing machine or a free membership with Anxiety UK giving access to information, advice and counselling.

We all need help at some point in our lives and through the support of the engineering community Foothold is here. So however big or small your issue may be, begin to take control by getting in touch at or by phone on +44 (0)20 7344 5498.

Jane Petit

CEO – Foothold

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