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Time for bed – how I got myself into a better sleep routine

I don’t know about you, but my sleep routine has been all over the place. But I’m a big believer that every problem has a solution. Here’s mine!

For a while, time seemed to lose all meaning to me. My bedtimes crept to a later hour and I didn’t feel compelled to wake up at the same time every day. Maybe, like me, a lack of schedule is affecting your sleep? Or maybe it’s the stress and anxiety of what’s going on that’s keeping you up at night? Here’s how I managed to get myself feeling brighter and well-rested.


Create a sleep routine and stick to it

It might be tempting to stay up later, get up later or even take a cheeky nap! But actually, that’s not good for you. Have a bedtime routine at the same time every night, where you can start winding down. Write your to-do list for tomorrow and get those worries out of your brain. Do some yoga or stretches, enjoy a long hot bath, turn off screens.


Figure out why you’re having trouble sleeping

If getting yourself into a better routine is still not working for you, try digging deeper. Are your sleep troubles stemming from stress? Perhaps you’re feeling lonely? Maybe nightmares are causing some anxiety? For me, I liked to listen or watch something to fall asleep, but the screens kept me up. So I bought myself a Bluetooth eye mask, and now I fall straight to sleep. Whether it’s diet, routine, or emotional challenges – when you start recognising why you’re having trouble, you can find the right support for you.


Find the solution

Sleepless nights can feel like the loneliest place to be. It feels like while your mind is running and your body is fidgety while everyone else is blissfully slumbering. But the sad thing is, they’re not – most people experience sleepless nights at some point. We want our community to feel rested, relaxed and more in control. So, don’t struggle in silence, reach out and we can support you through it.


Ways we can help you with your sleeplessness

I’m really excited that we’re launching a series of webinars with our partners Sleepstation. The webinars have been created to help you understand why sleep is important and how you can guarantee a better night’s rest. Find out more about how we can help you and your family to sleep well.

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