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Finding our foothold

Four years ago

When I first started at this organisation it had a different name. It also had a different structure and different leadership. When I started here – nearly four years ago – I thought it was an organisation ready for change. I was aware that the name didn’t resonate with people because I hadn’t heard of it – and I used to work at The IET. I wasn’t alone – I trawled through previous research pieces conducted over the years and many people didn’t know about us. The name was a big barrier, people thought we were a different organisation. The website was also a big barrier, people found it hard to navigate. But we couldn’t change too much at the time, we made small changes here and there to reach more people – we did what we could.

Last year

Fast forward to last year, we had a new CEO (Jane Petit) who thought it was an organisation ready for change. Under Jane’s leadership, we commissioned a new research people to find out how we could better help people and how we reach them. We conducted a full review of our brand – what was working, what wasn’t? We looked at our website. We emerged with a new name, a new purpose and a strategy to support more people than ever before. To do that, we needed a website that spoke to people.


Behind the scenes, we’ve been hard at work with our website agency Itineris to create a new website. We’ve re-written pages, we’ve created new artwork, we’ve considered how we want people to feel. And today we launch it! Our website, like our brand, is designed with you in mind. I’m really pleased with the results and I hope you are too.


But that’s not where the hard work ends. We have a lot of other plans we want to bring to life over the next year. We also have goals that we are working hard to reach to make sure we have everything in place to support more people. So watch this space, there’s more positive change to come.

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