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Feel-good TV shows and podcasts


Recently, I started re-watching ‘The Office’. Partly because I wanted to listen along with my favourite new podcast ‘The Office Ladies’, and partly because I missed being in an office environment. I wanted to watch something that made me feel good and have a big laugh. Now more than ever it’s important to find things that entertain us and let us to escape, even for a moment, the stress of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s why I recommend listening to ‘The Office Ladies’ – it’s like having a catch-up with friends!

With that in mind, I wanted to find out what my colleagues were watching and listening to so they could recommend some feel-good stuff for you. From shows to make you laugh to things that will inspire you, here’s Foothold’s recommendations to feel good.


Feel-good recommendations from the Foothold team

Kennedy Adamu: I tend to watch a lot of sports documentaries. Currently I’m watching All or Nothing: Manchester City. I’ve also just finished ‘The Last Dance’, ‘Last Chance U’, ‘Ice Guardians’, ‘Q Ball’, ‘Fittest on Earth’ and ‘Formula 1: Drive To Survive’ to name a few. I find it really interesting to see all the history, human stories and inspirational actions of the world’s best athletes. Especially across various sports, regardless of how invested I am in them.

Eranta Andersone: When it comes to TV shows, my favourites for good mood are ‘Kim’s Convenience’, ‘Schitt’s Creek’ and ‘The Good Place’. Podcast-wise, I love ‘iweigh’ with Jameela Jamil and ‘More or less’ by BBC (it’s about statistics but it’s interesting, I promise!)

Denise Houslin: My go to show to switch off to has to be ‘First Dates’. It’s silly, but sweet, but cringy, but sometimes awful and sometimes lovely all at the same time. I really want the dates to like each other and realise they have found ‘the one’. Regarding podcasts, I listen to quite a few. At the moment I am listening to Ravi Zacharias who passed away recently. I find him very inspiring.

Holly Lasko: I like to watch Joe Rogan’s podcast because he constantly introduces me to people who are doing fascinating things. The mind-expanding nature of this is uplifting in a way – it puts things in perspective. I  also recently finished the BBC adaption of ‘Normal People’, a book by Sally Rooney, which I loved. I was touched and uplifted by the relationship between the two main characters – I think because I identified with a lot of the difficulties they face as a young, anxious couple in modern society. Sometimes I like to take my mind out to ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’, which is just really funny. I love the dry, sarcastic humour!

Charlotte McLoughlin: A lot of the podcasts I listen to are American. One is called ‘Stuff You Should Know’ – it picks a different topic every week. Last week’s topic was peanut butter and that’s all they talked about. It’s entertaining and you learn something too, like the fact that peanuts are not nuts! It blew my mind at the age of 28! For TV, I really like ‘Schitt’s Creek’ on Netflix. It’s silly but easy watching, and very lighthearted and funny. I also like old British shows like ‘Vicar of Dibley’. To be honest, I am more of a music listener for feel good stuff. If I need to be pumped up, Lizzo is my go-to. Cannot beat the feel-good coming from that lady.

Jonas Rodin: I started watching a series called ‘The Last Dance’ on Netflix, about the 1997/98 Chicago Bulls basketball season. I am not what you would consider a basketball fan, or even a fan of sports in general. But this documentary is a fascinating look into a team who were at the top of their game, being led by someone who is considered the world’s top basketball player and sports personality (Michael Jordan).

Fliss Rooke: My favourite feel-good TV shows are re-runs of ‘Friends’ and ‘Gavin and Stacey’.  They remind me of good times and are easy to binge-watch.

Qurratulain Ali: For me, anything that’s animated always makes for a good evening. I’ve been watching a lot of anime shows recently. ‘Erased’ is a good watch. I always keep up with good old fashioned ‘Eastenders’. A good romcom never goes amiss too, like ‘When Harry Met Sally’.

What feel-good, interesting or inspiring podcast or tv show do you enjoy right now? Let us know at

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