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CEO update – November

I was lucky enough to visit Middlesbrough at the beginning of the month to attend the Teeside Network Annual Dinner and Reunion at the kind invitation of Bob North one of our Trustees and Neville Winter, the Chair of the committee. It was great to hear people’s views about our new work life support services and understand how the local branches of the engineering institutes are working together in the area to move engineering forward. Seeing the young engineers receiving their awards and supporting their local committee was a great inspiration and I, and the rest of the team, look forward to coming out and meeting more of you in the coming twelve months.

Joining with others to increase our impact is high on the agenda of our fellow Benevolent funds as well – from the ACO developing the “One day changes lives” campaign to publicise the work we do to joint projects such as the benchmarking exercise we are taking part in led by Lionheart, the benevolent fund of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to learn from each other about effective working practices.

And there’s more activity in the North of England as our pre retirement workshop launched in Manchester this week – previously these had only been available in London but for 2019-20 they are on the road, visiting six cities around the UK, in addition to the six courses we traditionally held in London. They are open to you and your partner so if you are interested in booking a place get in touch on [email protected] or 0207 344 5498 9-5pm Mon-Fri to find out more details about the workshop or our new Reinventing Retirement programme run in partnership with Renovo

We’ve also been keeping busy this month working with Itineris on our new website which should be ready to launch in December – in the meantime keep checking back onto our mini site or follow our social media accounts for more updates


And most importantly, the recent pictures of the devastation left by the flooding in South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have saddened us all. If your home has been affected or you need legal advice or support to cope with the stress of the events we are here to help – get in touch today.

Jane Petit
CEO Foothold

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