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Caseworker update – by Siobhan Nundram


I’m Siobhan and I am an Interim Helpline Adviser here at Foothold. I have been here since the middle of October and I love every second of it! I love speaking with the Members and their families and working out ways to help them with whatever challenges they are facing in their lives.

We have so many different ways to help people and it is such a privilege to be literally able to changes people’s lives. Information on how we can help is published here on the website.

Often Members will just ring up for a chat and I consider that a legitimate part of my role. I find it particularly fulfilling because these people are often elderly, and frequently lonely, so my chat with them may be the only friendly voice they will hear all day.

No two phone calls or emails are the same and this diversity keeps life interesting I can assure you all!

I work with two incredibly supportive colleagues who have been wonderful in inducting me into working in a Benevolent Fund environment, their patience has been humbling.

I come from and NHS Mental Health background and my experience has allowed conversations with Members to happen which they might have felt reticent to have with anyone else. It is for this reason that we have decided that as we recruit to this role permanently that person will have a mental health skill set too.

We have been having a good look at how we do things and are discussing how we can streamline our processes to be able to help more people benefit from Foothold. We recognise that technology can only do so much and that human interactions are hugely important in helping people so we are increasing the number of Caseworkers to cope with the ambitious target to increase our number of beneficiaries significantly over the coming year.

That’s all from me for now except to wish you all peace and joy wherever you are.

Siobhan Nundram

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